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Look We Love: Hair Extensions

Open your doors to a wider array of styles with faux strands to help you ahieve greater lengths.
Look We Love: Hair Extensions Open your doors to a wider array of styles with faux strands to help you ahieve greater lengths.

In the same way that makeup allows us to transform our look from sweet to vampy in the span of a few minutes, our hair also benefits greatly from a little tweaking. But with our preferences for hairstyles changing as often as our moods, committing to a drastic cut, color, or style long term  may not always be the best idea. Luckily, the creation of hair extensions has given us the option to play with our hair as we please, often amping our natural texture into greater lengths and volume.  

 “I use [extensions] when I’m lazy!,” muses Divine Lee who is known to have mastered luscious curls. “I think what I like about extensions is that I can change my hair as often as possible. I can color them as often as I want, curl them and all without damaging my hair.”

Cheska Garcia-Kramer also is a fan of faux strands as the face of extension brand Tokyo Posh. She suggests the option of extensions for “ women who are on the go and don't have time to waste. “ Currently using the semi-permanent Hairtalk variation, she finds herself pleased at how authentic the strands look and feel. "I like [Hairtalk] because they don't feel heavy. They’re flat unlike the old ones where in you feel like you have mini rollers which makes sleeping so uncomfortable. You don't even feel that you have extensions because when you touch your head it's flat, as if you're not wearing any. I think that's what amazes people when they see my extensions.”

Hair stylist Effie Go on the other hand used the extensions to grow out a cut in its awkward stage. She also noted that extensions gave her the lift that she always wanted. “It makes all the difference in the world when you have thick, volumized hair!”  

Meanwhile, Jinkee Pacquiao, prefers wearing her hair straight, despite her naturally kinky strands. And although she notes that a flat-iron is her best friend (” Hindi ako mabubuhay na walang plantsa!,” she more aptly stated), extensions help cover-up the frizz.

To explore the growing trend of clipping on extensions, we decided to give you six styles you can achieve with your new and improved mane which would be hard to achieve with just your God-given head of hair. Click on the next page to get started.