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A former assistant to one of the country's best designers and show directors, Cabahug now makes his mark on Philippine fashion all on his own.
by Jae Pickrell / September 10, 2012
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How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year?

I am exhilarated and honored to be recognized in this industry by institutions like PEFTA. It confirms their appreciation for my little contribution. I am really grateful and very much appreciative.

What motivated you to pursue fashion design?

Fashion captured my heart since I was a kid growing up in Dumaguete. I was amazed to see my aunts wear colored tube tops and denim with platform espadrilles. I would remember my late grandmother wear her high-waist skirts with colored clutches. Right after college I apprenticed for Randy Ortiz.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Fashionable but not trendy—this is what I developed over the years from my training under Mr. Ortiz and from my experience working for Jackie Aquino as his fashion asstant for a decade.

Please tell us about your PEFTA 2012 collection. How does it address this year's theme, Silhouette?

My capsule collection for PEFTA is about reinventing silhouettes that have become characteristic to my designs. I will be using stretch fabrics in white and light grey in peplums, palazzo pants, mullets, trapeze dresses, cowl necklines, and the like. The Pablo Cabahug mark is prominent in this capsule collection. I want a modern look, comfortably fitted to body contours, and clean in texture. As I have been
saying, fashionable but not trendy.

Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your style influences?

I try to get inspiration from my surroundings.

Which artists do you admire most, both local and foreign? How does your aesthetic resonate with theirs?

In a way, I’m influenced by Tito Randy's principle in designing clothes, i.e. classic design with intricate details. But I created my own mark by designing classic silhouettes and applying techniques in texturing fabrics. My design principle has always been fashionable but not trendy clothes. I also admire Ungaro
and Azria.

Click on the photo gallery to view his sketches for his PEFTA 2012 collection.

Click here for his Designer Directory.

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