The young designer’s creation made it to the campaign of Lady Gaga x Gilt.

By Nikki Santiago


A bit of exciting news got us all on our feet during the very hot weekend. And speaking of feet and all things hot now, Kermit Tesoro’s heel-less shoes were featured in Gilt, an international fashion sale website, and it came out on Nicola Formichetti’s blog, no less!

“I’m over the moon,” Kermit says upon learning about the big news.

Kermit’s creation made it to the campaign of the Lady Gaga x Gilt Groupe charity sale that was curated by Thierry Mugler’s creative director and Lady Gaga’s personal fashion director, Nicola Formichetti. The flash sale that lasted for three days only (starting May 20, 2011), was in line with the release of Gaga’s newest album, Born This Way. It featured the finale dress that the famous artist actually wore to the last Thierry Mugler runway show, exclusive access to the brand’s upcoming show in Paris and VIP tickets to see the Mother Monster on her tour.

It was September 2010 when Nicola’s styling team first contacted Kermit and had primarily commissioned him to make outfits that Lady Gaga could wear to the MTV Video Music Awards. He immediately sent a whole box containing pieces from his Holiday 2010 collection but unfortunately, with delay at customs, the box didn’t make it on time.

Photo courtesy of http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.comCome December, the team got in touch with Kermit again to have something custom-made for Gaga’s album cover.  “I sent sketches for Nicola to choose from and he chose this particular pair of shoes,” Kermit reveals. It may not have made it to Gaga’s album cover but the design wizard has definitely achieved something that we all can be very proud of.

It was none other than the stylish Divine Lee who first blogged about it saying, “I knew this kid would make it big.” Divine has been spotted donned in Kermit’s clothes and shoes in many recent events.

“I think he's a genius. I love how he conceptualizes his designs. He uses materials that are not common [and] each piece has a story. I like how he is able to manipulate these materials into something wearable,” says Divine of the young designer.

Kermit’s collections have always been sensational. They worked as a thought-provoking fashion lab with his creative explorations of different uncommon materials like rubber, plastic, auto leather and a variety of other materials translated into positively futuristic aesthetics.

“My 'Kermits' are like pieces of art. The last collection is very memorable for me because he was often in my house while conceptualizing it. He knows me so well that I just let his creativity take charge. He's also very prompt with deadlines that’s why I like working with him,” Divine adds. And mind you, most of the pieces from his Holiday 2011 collection are already in Divine’s closet! Divine even has a version of the featured shoes, this time, with studs all over.

“Orgasmic! Everything has come into fruition,” is how Kermit describes this whole experience.

And we agree. Congratulations, Kermit!

  • Where can you buy kermit tesoro's shoes? I've contacted his multiply, email, and mobile phone (as posted in the designer directory here). I got a response thru text and then after asking particulars, I have not heard from him since.
    By Aloha on 6/08/2011 at 10:26 AM
  • @mac delfin Being contacted by Nicola Formichetti is such a big thing. i think what's important right now is to be proud on what Kermit did. Truly, this only shows that Philippine fashion is growing and keeps getting better. Filipino represent.
    By Fashionforward on 6/07/2011 at 05:24 PM
  • Nicola Formichetti really wanted to it to look like this. He sent the young, talented designer pegs on how he wanted the shoes to look.
    By Nikki on 6/06/2011 at 05:21 PM
  • This is very similar to what lady gaga wore during her HBO special. nothing really inspiring about this one. i think this is mugler copied
    By mac delfin on 6/06/2011 at 05:16 PM
  • Congratulations Kermit! :)
    By Mark Buenaobra on 6/06/2011 at 05:11 PM