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Which of these neon indians gets your style vote? Posted date: August 14, 2012
Click on the "Vote for this Look!" button to vote for your favorite Style Star. You can vote as many times as you'd like. The winning Style Star and the new set of nominees will be announced every Tuesday. Thank you for voting!

The Results

  • An Estrada

    VOTES: 145
    RANK: 3.71%
  • Nicole Coson

    VOTES: 26
    RANK: 0.66%
  • Helena Belmonte

    VOTES: 43
    RANK: 1.10%
  • Janthina Fong

    VOTES: 511
    RANK: 13.06%
  • Stacy Rodriguez

    VOTES: 71
    RANK: 1.81%
  • Nica Mendez

    VOTES: 3116
    RANK: 79.65%